Event Planning

Euroasia Sports has achieved significant success with its experience at international sports organizations which get increasingly more popular in Turkey, Central Asia and in Muslim countries.

The events that are the meeting points between brands, companies and institutions and the people they provide services gain more importance with each passing day.

While offering event planning services, Euroasia Sports forms a separate project team for each customer. This project team is responsible for the harmony between the events and the customers’ values, fulfilling the required standards, conducting the event in the most productive way and assessing the outcomes in an accurate and digital way. Today, if a sports agency wishes to be number one in the service of Event Planning, it should not only limit itself to providing services to its customers, but it also should organize its own events or bring the events to its country. Being aware of the significance of this issue, Euroasia Sports has realized a first in Turkey through the Extreme Sailing Series İstanbul events held in May of 2011…

Universiade 2011 Erzurum Winter Games

Universiade Winter Games held in Erzurum on 27 January – 06 February 2011 has been the most important multi-disciplinary organization of sports held in Turkey in recent years. This organization is the biggest sports investment made in the east of Turkey. .
Within the scope of the investment, a total of 7 sports complexes including 5 indoor complexes were built in the six different areas of Erzurum. Each day, close to 20.000 people watched the events in which about 2000 sportsmen competed in 11 different branches.
Within the scope of the preparation for the organization, Erzurum 2011 Master Plan which was a detailed roadmap to provide service to the organizing committee was devised by our firm through 4 updated versions in the course of a 2-year-long field work.
This plan was devised in a way to demonstrate in a detailed manner all the stages of the sporting events, logistics, marketing, health care, food services, security, PR, IT, personnel planning, budget planning and many independent events like these throughout the period which started when Erzurum picked the baton and would continue at the time of the organization.
  • In line with the Erzurum 2011 Master Plan much appreciated by the authorities from the FISU (Fédération Internationale du Sport Universitaire - International University Sports Federation) and HDK, Euroasia Sports also took over the Media Communication events of all the games and it achieved these organizations with great success. Achieving with great success the national and international media communication of game events through the Progress Reports regularly prepared for FISU in line with the Erzurum 2011 Master Plan, Euroasia Sports completed the stage of its services to our country in relation to the Universiad 2011 with the Erzurum 2011 Official Report.

Euroasia Football Expo

In 2007, our company successfully organized the Euroasia Football Expo which is the most extensive football conference ever held in our country.
Through all the stages of this project organized by Euroasia from the planning to the logistics and from the communication to the organization, our institution demonstrated its vision in this area by bringing together the pivotal players from both the domestic and international sectors.
  • Among the speakers of the three-day-long conference were the previous Chairman of the English Football League David Sheepshanks, Premier League Finance Director Javed Khan, Scottish League Secretary General Ian Blair C.E.O, C.F.O and marketing managers of such institutions as Mastercard, BP and BenQ-Siemens. More than 400 hundred participants participated in the event.