Institutional Sports Management & Consultancy

In a globalized world, while the companies increasingly develop their institutional identities, the opposite mechanism is being experienced in the world of sports and the concept of institutionalization is being emptied.

. Euroasia Sports does not stay indifferent to this situation being experienced in the sports sector to which it provides service and offers professional solutions on the institutional sports management and consultancy. .

Ensuring the determination of the institutional targets and appropriate strategies within the scope of these solutions, our firm helps our partners gain an institutional identity by creating an internal reporting network and developing an organizational design. Ensuring the determination of the duties, authorities and responsibilities by offering solutions that will increase the productivity of the Board of Directors, Euroasia Sports provides the best service to its partners. Focusing on the institutional principles and core values with its specialist staff, our firm places special emphasis on helping our partners gain the place they deserve in the sports industry.

2013 Mersin 17th Mediterranean Games

Mersin hosted the 17th Mediterranean Games which were held in Turkey for the 2nd time. As Euroasia Sports, we gave consultancy service on the following issues to the organizing committee of the Mediterranean Games in the run-up to the event and at the time of the event:
Accreditation Human Resources Volunteer Management Faciemties Accommodation Transportation Health Security Ceremony Environment Media Marketing and PR Culture and Arts Department Audience Services and Ticketing Technology International Relations Finance and Purchasing Games Heritage

During the preparation phase of the Mediterranean Games, the domestic and outside consultants provided support to the organizing committee; they provided trainings and made contribution to the perfect organization of Mediterranean Games with the monthly reports. Surveys were conducted on both the public and sportsmen and members of the committee before, during and after the games. The valuable data obtained as a result of these surveys were examined in detail by a specialist team and they were shared with the authorities in order for our country to make use of them in such kinds of organizations to be hosted in the future. The Official Report was prepared after the successful completion of the Mediterranean Games. The 669-page report was divided under three titles as photographs, sports and management. The reporting prepared for the Mediterranean Games is more than 3000 pages.

ICMG President Mr. Amar Addadi praised the contributions of our agency at the organization and thanked our firm through a letter he sent to Euroasia Sports after the games.   

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