Sports Communication

Most of the firms doing business in the field of PR focus on the publicity in the media of the messages of the firms for which they work.

This method yields effective results for the different sectors; however, when the sector in question is the sports sector, emotions also enter into the equation. Sport is joy and sorrow and it is disappointment from time to time; in short, it is the emotion. For this reason, the method of the communication and the perception of the target audience at the right time and in the most accurate way through the right channels are as important as the message itself. Euroasia Sports’ most basic feature differentiating it from other PR agencies is that it ensures the brands “touch” their audiences/target audience through a proactive approach. Euroasia Sports put itself in customers and target audience’s place in each project through its team consisting of bloggers, sports economics columnists, TV commentators, active athletes and more importantly, the fans. A PR activity that is not effective on the target audience is not possible to yield an added value for the brands.

Turkish Airlines Sponsorship Activation Agency

Euroaasia Sports has been working with the Turkish Airlines as the sponsorship activation agency since April of 2013.
The sponsorship activation events such as the Beşiktaş Feda Yolu, Fenerbahçe Foot Golf, European Basketball Championship and Turkish Airlines Open 2013 Golf Tournament have been carried out. Globally organized Epic Sports Fan competition was devised and organized by us and as a result of the competition, a lucky person travelled across 8 countries for a period of 25 days and had the chance to meet Messi and Drogba and view many sports events. In addition to the events, it also provides consultancy services to the Turkish Airlines on sports sponsorship.

Herbalife – National Sportsmen Sponsorship

Being among the most important brands of the healthy diet products, Herbalife has undertaken the sponsorship of the national sportsmen through Euroasia Sports in Turkey.
Euroasia Sports have brought Herbalife together with Rıza Kayaalp and Selçuk Çebi in wrestling and Nur Tatar and Bahri Tanrıkulu in taekwondo and contributed to the support for our national sportsmen. Through this agreement, our sportsmen who have shown great success with limited resources have acquired new dietary habits under the leadership of Herbalife and they opened the door of a healthier life style as well as a financial support.


The world's largest reinsurance company AON became the main sponsor of the world famous British football club Manchester United in June of 2010. AON preferred to work with Euroasia Sports as a sports communication agency in the Turkish market.
Various events, public relations activities and other promotional activities were carried out in cooperation with the global strategy of AON. Thus, it is possible to get maximum benefit from the significant investment made in sports by AON in realizing business targets in Turkey.

Bank Asya First Division

Euroasia Sports provided such services as the event management, sponsorship management, creation and management of the communication channel, IT solutions and web-design, public relations and media management until May of 2010 within the scope of the Bank Asya 1st Division project it launched in 2008.
Shortly after participating in the Bank Asya First Division in April of 2008, it launched two important channels. Any stages of the official internet site of the Division and magazine from the establishment to the operation and content are managed by Euroasia Sports. The internet site drew a higher-than-expected attention in a short time like a month and became a major part of the media coverage despite its low budget commercials and promotional activities. In addition to supporting the project’s communication with the local events and various PR activities, the critically important Play-Off period became the scene for the first time a feast of world-class. The contribution of the project to the First Division was appreciated by the managers of our football and sports.

Creating a new source of income for the Turkish football through the sponsorship model established with, Euroasia Sports carries out its activities under the motto “Winning Together”.
Providing a considerable financial source for the Turkish football, our state, sports clubs and bettors through the money obtained from betting, both increases the support extended to our clubs and it also sponsors our sports clubs with the objective of developing the betting games thanks to the model devised by Euroasia Sports. With this project through which the concept of fans’ support gains a new dimension, the fans who have always supported their teams by watching the matches, buy combined ticket or buy fans’ products will now be able to support their teams by betting on the internet sites of their teams. In accordance with the devised model, a certain ratio from the sum of game betting on the internet site of the sponsored clubs or on the specially designed internet site will be transferred to the clubs as an income by within the scope of the sponsorship contract. Sponsorship contracts were signed with a total of 11 clubs for in the season of 2009-2010. While the sponsorship contracts continued with 9 clubs in the season of 2010-2011, the contract with the two of the clubs are still effective in the season of 2011-2012.