Sports Broadcasting Rights

While the world of sports include many local and global players, one of them has continued to grow with each passing year and it has today become the most important player: Sports broadcasting.

Together with its solution partners, Euroasia Sports carries out the broadcasting productions of many big sports organizations outside Turkey for league matches and different branches extending from the Eastern Europe to the Central Asia and the Middle East.

Almost half of the figures pronounced in today’s world of sports comes from the income obtained from the sale of the broadcasting rights of the events. For example, the partnership of British Sky Sports and Setanta makes a payment of £ 1.3 billion for each year in order to retain the broadcasting rights of the English Premier League. In an environment where such a large amount is being pronounced, Euroasia Sports has adopted transparency as its principle and it brings together the target events and the broadcasters and produced the most efficient solution for both of the parties. Allowing the business partners to choose the best by carrying out alternative works in relation to the determination of the sports broadcasting rights and creation of the media strategy, Euroasia Sports helps the followers come together at the events.

Broadcasting Rights Contract with TRT and Tivibu

Euroasia Sports have brought together MP Silva and TRT and ensured that;
  • Italy’s "Serie A"
  • France’s "Ligue 1"
  • England’s "FA Cup"
  • 5 matches of England National Team
are broadcast on TRT and Tivibu platforms.