Event Management

While the number of the events organized in the sports sector is diversifying and increasing day by day, the sports viewers have the chance to see new events.

In the recent years when Turkey has hosted big sports organizations and aspires to host the bigger ones, it is considerably important that all the details of the events are handled and managed in due diligence.

Euroasia Sports handles the details of the events in a way to complete the big picture through its specialist and experienced working team. Devising as a whole all the data from the accreditation to the transportation, from the catering to the accommodation, Euroasia Sports rehearse for the probable shortcomings in advance. Today, the sports organizations reach out to a wider audience and they receive a much bigger coverage in the media. We are aware that even a small problem may cast a cloud on the whole organization and cause the sports audience to have an unpleasant memory. It is for this reason that we handle each event in the same meticulous and disciplined way and we unsure that each event receives the highest PR and publicity.

Extreme Sailing Series İstanbul 2011 / 2012 / 2014

The Extreme Sailing Series, known as the Formula 1 of the sailing, was held for the first time on İstanbul's Golden Horn coast in May of 2011.

The organization, followed by millions of viewers with admiration and witnessing the biggest sailing boats and the fastest catamarans compete in great excitement with each other in a short racecourse, chose Euroasia Sports as the partner of the host city. Thus, our firm made a considerable contribution not only to the sports industry in the country but also to the worldwide publicity of Turkey.

The İstanbul leg of Extreme Sailing Series, held on 27-29 May 2011 on Golden Horn, was carried out by our firm in partnership with OC Events, the creator of the event and owner of the international organization and Turkey Sailing Federation. International communication activities of the event were undertaken by OC Events and the local communication activities were carried out by our firm.

After the first successful year, the Extreme Sailing Series made it back with the audience in İstanbul on 7-10 June 2012 and 11-14 September 2014. While the races in 2012 were held in Ahırkapı, the races in 2014 were in Yenikapı.

The races held in 9 countries including Turkey bring together the fastest sailing boats and the best skippers. Since the first day, Extreme Sailing Series have drawn the attention of many skippers from across the world including the racers from Olimpiyat, America’s Cup and Okyanus in many disciplines. While the great-looking Extreme 40 catamarans race at 65 km/h, their race just before the VIP, media and audience tribunes create great excitement together with many supportive activities.

  • The event has been shown one of the top 5 races of the sailing races and it has been awarded with a Special Event Status by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF). The races have gained a considerable number of viewers through a high level of regional and international media coverage (increasing year-by-year) and the active and rapidly growing internet followers. The Extreme Sailing has been transformed into a truly global platform with 9 events on 3 continents in a period of more than 11 months after holding successful races in Europe for 4 years and the Extreme Sailing Asia 2009 opening. On this platform, the racers coming from 15 countries are being represented through 11 teams from 8 countries. Offering one of the most appropriate sail contents for the professional management, real and unique VIP experience, high-level racing excitement and both local and global media with a view to enhancing the flexibility and commercial value to the maximum, Extreme Sailing has turned into a perfect organization in association with Euroasia Sports and our country has been duly publicized through the races broadcast live all across the world.

    Proving that it has Turkey’s most experienced team on sports communication and event management fields, our firm markets the publication rights of the Extreme 40’s and many top-level sailing events to the Television channels.

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